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Working with RBF I have saved time and money, found solutions to problems, increased revenues through improved communication and service… they are vital to our success

Furniture Client 1

A thoroughly professional and efficient service – the team helps us to maintain our levels of service

Food Client 1

Excellent communication at every step of the way – the service is a different class

Food Client 2

We rely on right-first-time, fast and affordable service - in every aspect RBF exceeds our expectations

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Case Study - Furniture and Home

Client 3 is a volume importer and successful online retailer of a range of different types of furniture including commercial products as well as consumer products and children’s furniture.

Operating as a web-based business, Client 3 processes and delivers orders received via their own websites as well as major online retail websites including Amazon and eBay.

The Issue

Through consultation with RBF, it emerged that importing from China into the North and managing all warehousing and distribution in-house was not the optimum supply chain design for the business. RBF was tasked with completing a comprehensive study to determine the future logistics model required for the business.

RBF – The Solution

RBF analysed all data from source through to customers – business and consumer – and made several key recommendations. These were swiftly agreed and adopted and RBF the implemented the following steps:

These actions have significantly reduced cost, saved time, improved the quality of Client 3’s service and supported further business growth and expansion.

Beyond this, RBF now manages the whole supply chain and logistics function for Client 3 – from the point an order is placed to UK delivery:

The Future – Commercial Advantages

Paul and his team have built a great business with a very clear business model at Client 3 – within that model RBF has a very broad responsibility for logistics and supply chain.

At RBF, we value this relationship and we value the responsibility – it enables us to continue to find new ways to refine Client 3’s supply chain and to ensure reduced costs.

It is our freedom to innovate that will continue to support Client 3’s business growth.

“I have saved a lot of time and a lot of money by using RBF to provide logistics services - I would like to thank all the team at RBF who have been a key component in the growth of this business. I get excellent service from everyone I deal with – consistent and informed communication both in the UK and from RBF’s network in China – this is absolutely vital to me. I cannot recommend them highly enough and look forward to continuing to work together in the future”

Paul Hanson, Client 3