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We are excellent at finding people with the right talent and personality to succeed in this environment ...

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Working with RBF I have saved time and money, found solutions to problems, increased revenues through improved communication and service… they are vital to our success

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A thoroughly professional and efficient service – the team helps us to maintain our levels of service

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Excellent communication at every step of the way – the service is a different class

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We rely on right-first-time, fast and affordable service - in every aspect RBF exceeds our expectations

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CERTIFIED Employment Law & Health & Safety Compliant. Protected by Ellis Whittam.

Our People

Our people define everything we are and deliver everything we do - our continued success is the result of excellent teamwork and the extraordinary levels of customer care provided by our fantastic team.

From the newest members, to those in the team with decades of experience and a dynamic management team, RBF has the perfect blend of experience and energy to guarantee the highest levels of innovation, service and customer care.

We are excellent at finding people with the right talent and personality to succeed in this environment.

We continue to place faith in the youth of Felixstowe through apprentice schemes and currently have 4 ex-apprentices who take responsibility for a number of areas in the business.

The experience retained within the business means that clients save time and money when working with us and have peace of mind as they know they are getting the right advice at the right time.

Fresh Fruit Dave Fresh Fruit Dave’s Story
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Meet Fresh Fruit Dave…

At RBF, we believe that we have retained
and developed some of the very best people
in the industry – meet Fresh Fruit Dave!

Dave joined RBF from school in July 2003, as he explains

I didn’t enjoy school – other than the social side of things,
so I decided to get a job instead…

This proved to be a significant decision for Dave and an absolutely fantastic one for RBF!

Using a specialist recruitment agency, Dave quickly got a job with RBF (R Bugg Forwarding – as was) and started in a basic role booking up jobs for clearance.

Dave quickly developed his understanding of the business and eagerly accepted the opportunity to cover customs clearances for 2 weeks following the departure of a more experienced colleague…

8 years later and I’m still covering for that role!

More than that, Dave used the opportunity to develop his own skills and abilities in line with the changing nature of the business, as he explains:

Over the years I have seen a huge change in the use of IT and computers software – our processes are constantly evolving to give our customers better service – that is what sets RBF apart from the competition and it always has.

The very culture of the business has developed within this time too.

We got to a point where the business was limited in terms of the services that we offered. Our clients really valued our services but they wanted us to provide broader and more comprehensive supply chain solutions.

Investment in developing a global network and our NVOCC business led to an immediate improvement – an increase in new services, new business and in morale.

The new ideas and energy that were brought to the business have had a knock-on effect for our customers – we have retained all the traditional values of the business but have improved the range and quality of services that we offer – our clients really benefit from this.

Like every other member of the team, Dave is absolutely vital to our success and is a key part of our future – continued growth creates greater opportunity and Dave’s ambition is to attain a management position looking after customs clearance for imports.

So what is it about RBF that Dave likes the most:

It’s a great team – we have a laugh, get on really well and I think that our customers really benefit from this.

And why is he called Fresh Fruit Dave? Everyone reading this will have eaten a piece of fruit that has been cleared through customs by Dave.