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RBF is here to talk you through the practical steps required ...

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RBF Cargocare Ltd, Unit 8 Summit Business Park, Langer Road, Felixstowe IP11 2JB

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Working with RBF I have saved time and money, found solutions to problems, increased revenues through improved communication and service… they are vital to our success

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A thoroughly professional and efficient service – the team helps us to maintain our levels of service

Food Client 1

Excellent communication at every step of the way – the service is a different class

Food Client 2

We rely on right-first-time, fast and affordable service - in every aspect RBF exceeds our expectations

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Expert Advice

We provide first class services for large, well-established International businesses and we work for smaller entrepreneurial enterprises - a key element that separates us from our competitors is the quality and consistency of our advice regarding all shipping matters.

Whether you are importing or exporting for the first time or if you are getting involved with new products or new markets, RBF is here to talk you through the practical steps required.

The world of shipping, customs and domestic and International regulation is forever changing and we continue to invest our team with the knowledge required to manage your cargo. Our business benefits from a dynamic learning culture where knowledge is shared - not just with ourselves but with our clients too.

Our knowledge allows us to advise on:

The list is almost endless – our clients rely on us to understand all of these things so that they can rest assured that their imports and exports are well-managed and fully compliant with all regulations.