How The Process Works

Our reputation for quality service is based on our adherence to the highest standards in client communication – below is an example of the reporting regime for an FOB import.

We operate a complete reporting service both by email, via Web and EDI. This keeps clients fully informed of all aspects of their cargo movements and negates the need to chase progress.

Ultimately this process saves valuable time and cost and increases peace of mind.


  • Purchase Order received by RBF
  • Contact with your supplier to ascertain cargo availability
  • Suitability of available vessels transit times
  • Loading arranged within the appropriate timescale and confirmation report
  • Vessel sailing advice and ETA

Arrival, clearance and regulatory bodies

  • Document requirement advice
  • Port Health pre-advice
  • Changes in vessel ETA notification
  • Document receipt report
  • Confirmation of arrival and entry details, to include revenues paid
  • Notification of regulatory body involvement (HMRC examination, X Ray examination, Port health examination/sampling, DEFRA examination)
  • Examination/Sampling progress reporting
  • Clearance advice

Delivery in UK

  • Delivery booking, liaising with all appropriate parties and considering all free period restrictions
  • Delivery arrangement, confirmation advice
  • Unloading delay advice report

Through our extensive overseas partnerships we can help secure competitive freight rates, enabling our clients the opportunity to change their buying terms. The strict adherence to the above reporting system, allows this transition to run smoothly with minimum client monitoring input.